Buzz saws and Bagpipes, or the Art of the Birl and the Skirl

People who enjoy the sound of buzz saws at Logger Sports and the skirl of the bagpipes of traditional Scottish Highland Gatherings are in for a major treat at next August’s Campbell River Logger Sports at Nunns Creek Park on August 10,11 and 12.

The “Highland” Games will get underway early Saturday morning as solo and trio competitions get underway. Everyone who performs will get an adjudicator’s review and trophies given to the winners. Click Here to register for events

The Official Grand Opening of the Gathering will take place at 12:30 pm with a mass band performance to herald it.

The afternoon events will include Pipeband Field competitions, the Highland Heavy Events and a new class of entertainment:


To demonstrate that the pipes and drums are not just relegated to a defined set of rules you’ll see that they integrate well with other musical instruments and styles.

We are going to have two categories

  1. Celts Have Talent – 6 pipers and more + any instrument – The objective is to have bands perform their medleys on stage and integrate other instruments to showcase the variety of music that can be produced.
  2. Celts Have Talent – 1 to Five Pipers + any instrument including vocals. Many pipers and drummers are joining Celtic Groups to complement them with a very special sound.

(see events section for rules)

Adjudication for these events will be based on popularity via a panel of Celebrity Judges as well as the audience.

The afternoon will culminate with another massed band wrap up and everyone will be invited to a $10 salmon BBQ where winners will be recognized and given some very attractive prizes.

After supper performers will be asked to get back up on the shared mike stage and perform again for the fun of it.

Sunday will see the Highland Heavy Games continue and on stage, the Highland Dance Competitions will get underway

Vendors will be a big part of the weekend as participants and spectators alike can avail themselves of Celtic goods, a wide variety of meals and tastings from some of the areas local brewhouses and distilleries.

Volunteers are encouraged to click here.

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