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The 2nd Campbell River Highland Gathering takes place Friday, August 9th to Sunday, August 11th 2019, at Nunn’s Creek Park
(on 16th Ave opposite Wal-Mart) as part of the 52nd Campbell River Salmonfest.   Participation of your Clan or Scottish organization in the Gathering is very much appreciated.

If you have any special requests, please include them with your registration form.

Campbell River Salmonfest is pleased to provide site space and two admissions passes free of charge if your Clan or Scottish organization display is informational only.    Tables, chairs, and tents may be ordered free of charge (the numbers required must be indicated on the registration form).

Additional admission passes must be paid at the gate for $5 per day for each of Saturday or Sunday (free under 3).  On Friday everyone pays a toonie.

The Clans and Scottish organizations will be roughly located near the entrance to Salmonfest.  Go to the Welcome Kiosk for assistance – (this may be subject to change due to Salmonfest layout changes)

Please contact Bill Murray at 250 203-5313 if you have any questions.

Click here to register your booth in the “Community Corner – Club, Association,etc”

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  1. Clans and Scottish organizations are expected to attend their space for the full duration of the Gathering days.
  2. Dates & Times:
    Friday August 9th  ——— 4PM to 10PM
    Saturday August 10 —— 10AM to 10PM
    Sunday August 11 ——- 10AM to 5PM
  3. Booth Rates – Heritage, Community Corner and Trade Show — FREE
  4. Booths – Vendor is required to supply and set up their own booth
  5. Security – Vendor is required to adequately secure booth and equipment for inclement weather.
  6. Set-up – Vendors will be shown where they are located on arrival. Set-up days are Thursday or Friday unless noted otherwise. All booths must be ready for operation by 3PM Friday.
  7. Vehicles – No vehicles will be allowed on the grounds during operating hours. Vendor parking and overnight camping area provided. Campers, Etc: Campers, trailers and RV’s that are part of a booth may be Situated along the grounds fence line to avoid field damage.
  8. Power – 110 volt 15 amp plug in panels will be provided in the area. Vendors must provide 75 ft. (min.) extension cord to access area panels.
  9. Security – Overnight security provided, but not responsible for articles left in booths.
  10. Insurance – Vendors are responsible for their own insurance.
  11. Pets – Pets are allowed on the Park, but leashed and pick-up is mandatory

Acceptance of non-conforming theme booths is at the sole discretion of the Salmon Festival. The Festival also reserves the right to remove any booth or booth worker that does not abide by the regulations, has inappropriate material or disrupts the Festival.